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Plant Therapy available at Linde Esthetics

Linde Esthetics is now stocking Plant Therapy Essential Oils

I am so excited to announce that Linde Esthetics is selling essential oils again.  It was disappointing last year when we had to quit selling them.  Because of a distribution problem, we had no choice.  I have spent the last few months researching different essential oil companies.  Because there are so many to chose from, […]

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bikini waxing springfield mo

September Special at Linde Esthetics

September is almost here! September is almost here.  And with September’s arrival comes the end of swimsuit season in the Ozarks.  But, just because it is the end of swimsuit season doesn’t mean you have to give up your Brazilian bikini wax.  We actually encourage you to keep it up year round.  Really. Who wants […]

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Facial, Botox, Juvederm

Botox and Facial Treatments, what should you do?

Increasingly, women and men are turning to injectables like Botox, Juvederm, and others to manage how their skin is showing the signs of aging. Injectables can be an awesome tool to vanquish unwanted crow’s feet, forsaken forehead furrows, grotesque Glabella lines, menacing marionette lines, and more.  If this is a choice that you have made, […]

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Before & After Facial Peel Instructions

Preparing for Peel Fourteen days prior to their appointment, have them refrain from: having a chemical peel. tanning in a tanning booth. This practice should be discontinued altogether, due to the increased risk of skin cancer and signs of aging. having a wax or chemical depilatory treatment (five days prior). getting Botox® or dermal filler […]

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