Oncology Esthetics



Oncology Esthetics – Skin Care for the Client with Cancer

Each year more than 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the US. Skin challenges are just one of the struggles you will face as you journey through your cancer treatment. Oncology Esthetics is a specialized field that provides an esthetician with the knowledge and tools to work with clients who have been diagnosed with cancer, undergoing, and have undergone cancer treatment. At Linde Esthetics, we are privileged to be part of your team. The three ways we can help:

  • Before treatment starts – Develop a plan to address probable concerns
  • During Treatment – Manage the skin related side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and hormone therapy
  • After Treatment – Restore skin the a healthy and functional state

Before we proceed to one of the following facials, a comprehensive consultation will be performed.  This will allow us to choose the right products and services to meet your unique needs.

*All implements used are disposable or disinfected using hospital grade disinfectant.